Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Something has just hit me out of the blue.

Sparkly nails.

Sitting in the hairdressers earlier today having my hair blow dryed I suddenly noticed the womans nails in front of my eyes were totally covered in gold glitter...and it actually didn't look half bad accompanied by her classic black outfit. Hmmmm. Is this what 20 somethings are doing now? Sparkly nails?! I suddenly felt really old and couldn't even remember the last time I simply painted my nails never mind covered them in sequins...

Generally this would be something I really would not care about it but we, the Husband, Little One and I have recently had some interesting news.

I say recently but I really mean the news came about 9 weeks ago.

in the form of a new tiny baby...

Ooooooooooooooooooooo exciting yes?! Even more so when we have had to be extremely quiet about it since discovering the news. A couple of weeks before I was told I had PCOS and that my ovaries were quite literally full to capacity of cysts...mmm too much information: I hear you. Future babies were to pose a bit of a difficulty in the making stages-or perhaps not it would seem.

So, back to the sparkly nails issue.

As I'll be changing nappies, plaiting hair, making meals and doing the school run for the forseeable future I suddenly realised that sparkly nails would not look good in my 40's, even if travelling and owning a business can be put off until then, in your face nail varnish simply cannot...

Quick! I'm off to purchase some regardless of the stares I may get at mums and tots next week. Or at least ask for some in my Christmas stocking.

P.S Amazing news though right?! (Still trying to downplay it a little bit for now, shhh)

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